Choose the best class for you!

We now have three levels of classes – something to suit everyone’s fitness goals. Check out the descriptions and choose the one the sound the best for meeting your fitness goals and skills.

Level 1 Classes

This class introduces you to core strength, back strengthening and range of motion exercises. Ideal for a person new to Pilates, and for people recovering from an injury or surgery.


Level 1 Plus Classes

This classes are geared for a person with some Level 1 core training, who wants to continue developing muscle length. As I always say, a tight muscle is a weak muscle. Developing muscle strength means developing muscle length.

Level 2 Classes

These are our intensive classes, designed for people with healthy bodies and previous Pilates training. The pace varies with the abilities of the people in the class. The class includes intermediate level of core ability and stability.

Jumpstart your Pilates

Get a quick start on Pilates by taking private sessions with Joan or Cadie. Book 1, 2, 3 or as many sessions as you want!

One-time Drop-in Trial available

You can pay a drop in fee to try out a class before committing to the entire session. Available one time only for each person. Contact the office for details.

Pilates Studio Hours

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