Building mental resilience helps build strength, fitness and flexibility

We might not want to acknowledge it, but it’s hard to ignore that our attitude in difficult or challenging situations often determines the outcome. I’ve heard it said that “Whether you think you can or can’t, you’ll be right.”resilience

As part of the New Year, many people begin new routines and regimens to improve their fitness and health. It is always sad when so many of these people abandon their fitness goals early into their challenge. I applaud all of you who have set a new challenges for yourself. It can be quite intimidating to start a new sport, a different workout, attempt a higher level of fitness, or take on a new fitness challenge.

What can you do to stick to your new challenge? How can you best get past feeling intimidated and set yourself up to succeed?

These ideas may help you though:

1. Develop your mental resilience when facing new challenges.

Resilience is your ability to adapt to events when things “don’t go your way.” It’s the capacity to know that you’ve done your best, accepting when a success is denied and moving on to the next step.

A common example is when people set fitness goals that are unrealistic for them to achieve. A resilient person will learn from their workouts and reflect on why their progress isn’t what they expected. They learn from their experience and set new goals, and try again.

2.   Believe in yourself

Just because you don’t "currently" have the flexibility or strength, doesn’t mean that you can’t build this over time.  Remind yourself of your own strength and flexibility. 

3.   Challenge yourself to change yourself.

That is the art of becoming more mentally resilient, a skill that can will help with your fitness and your life.

The more you practice being resilient in your mind, the more you will accomplish in a fitness commitment. And the two will feed each other. I thank all of you that have committed to your health program and your mental resilience with me.

As 2015 ends I look forward to 2016's future health program and I am very grateful for the people in my classes and their year after year commitments.  For some of you, we mark 5 years and 10 years of commitment! I commend you for developing your resilience. With your resiliency established, anything is achievable in life.

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