a slumped posture will decrease strength and cause painCreating the Postural Habit with Pilates

Have you caught yourself slumping when you look at your reflection?

Many people believe that gaining strength is the most important goal for exercise. Proper alignment in the body is equally important when we move, walk or run. Our posture reflects the alignment of our skeleton.


Holding your skeleton in proper alignment allows muscles to relax at times when they are not supposed to be working. When you work from a position of alignment, your posture feels effortless.

However if we aren’t aligned, our muscles and fascia constantly need to grip to maintain our posture. This causes sore joints, back aches, tight fascia and muscles.

At Health 4 Life Pilates we teach you to recognize what it feels like to be in alignment, and how to recognize your own faulty postural habits.

You can change your body’s posture by changing the messages from your nervous system. We train your neuro-muscular system to make more mindful movements and to integrate these movements into your everyday life. This awareness (of alignment) powered by Pilates is one of the most effective tools you can bring to everyday life.

Health 4 Life Pilates Classes include:

  • Improvements to posture, balance, strength and overall wellness by completing standing & sitting mat work exercises with elastic bands, balls, foam rollers, and light weights.
  • Acquiring skills to make immediate postural changes, with benefits crossing over to sports like tennis, golf, hiking, cycling, soccer, hockey, dance and running.

Bring a mat and towel and a smile. Be prepared to laugh and have fun.

One on one private sessions are available for postural assessments.  

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