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Common questions that students ask at Pilates classes

Over the years I've noticed that new and returning students ask me the following questions. I hope that by sharing this information with you now, that you will be better able to "fit in fitness." I also acknowledge that every new pilates student has their own unique questions to ask - so please do ask us - it's all part of your learning!

What can I do if I am unable to make a class due to holidays or illness?

Contact the office for makeup options

I have an injury/I am doing rehabilitation work for an injury. Can I take Pilates?



Contact the office for options as Pilates is the best form of exercise movement to help recovery

Something didn’t feel right in class. What do I do? Should I come back?

Let Joan, Arienne or Morgan know so we can help you. This is usually a sign of tightness and misalignment in the body from daily postures and movements. We can help you before this becomes a problem.

I don’t have enough time for class. 

I share this information wtih each person who feels that they cannot find time for classes. Remember that a 1 hour of class is 4% of your day. Double the class up with a walk or run. I have participants who do this before or after class. Pilates and regular exercise are great defences against a sedentary lifestyle. You can lower your risk of becoming ill or developing depression with regular exercise and correct posture.

Contact us at 250 384 2412

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