Pilates helps to manage bursitis

Movement returns with regular Pilates exercise

Diane was experiencing pain from bursitis in the hip and was unable to do normal activities such as vacuuming, walking or riding in the car without experiencing discomfort and pain. Seeking support and rehabilitation from several sports medicine and movement specialists, Diane felt discouraged from the lack in information or improvement in her health condition. diane leamy72

Diane and a friend had tried several Pilates classes around Victoria before they came to Pilate’s classes with Joan in March of 2012. Both Diane and her friend left their first class feeling very satisfied — they had learned so much in this one class as compared to the other classes they had tried! By attending weekly Pilates classes and private sessions with Joan, Diane started seeing and feeling improvements in her mobility and decreased pain.  With gradual improvement, Diane was enjoying daily activities and “is good to vacuum.”  Diane is now able to walk approximately 5km and can sit in the car for extended periods of time without the discomfort or pain associated with her bursitis.

Diane continues to attend weekly Pilates classes and private sessions with Joan. She is very grateful for the vast improvement and knowledge she has gained from Joan.

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