Info from Joan Buna about my body has changed my life

“A tight muscle is a weak muscle” … a revelation from Joan Buna that has changed my life.

I first read these words in a newsletter article by Joan Buna.

At that juncture in my life I was unable to work and performing even the most menial household tasks was difficult. Attempts at other forms of treatment had provided little relief from the constant pain and discomfort.

Hopeful after reading Joan`s article, I contacted her and we began working together on what was for me an entirely new approach to recovery.

That was two years ago and today, I can honestly say that Joan has changed my life through a progressive system of supervised stretching and strengthening exercise designed to prevent re-injury.

Joan`s caring and encouraging manner gives me the confidence and desire to improve and celebrate each success. Since working with Joan I am happy to say I feel amazing, healthier and happier. I can clean my house, I can walk for 40 minutes at a time and I can even do some gardening.

My quality of life is now much better without chronic pain thanks to Joan Buna.

Sincerely, Lindsey B

beforeBridge - Before Training with Joan 



Bridge - After Pilates Training with Joan


"I have greater flexibility, balance, mobility and range of motion"

Thanks to private and group sessions with Joan, I have been able to correct many of my postural problems that evolved following bunion surgery to my feet, knee surgery (torn cartilage) and years of conditioning faux paws in the gym.

Specifically, I now have greater flexibility in my metatarsals and ankles which has greatly improved my knee issues.I also have more flexibility in my thoracic spine.

I am pleased to say, that overall I feel I have greater flexibility, balance, mobility and range of motion since incorporating Pilates into my cross training regime.

I am able to integrate what I have learned in my body as I participate in the other activities that I enjoy such as cycling and running. My body responds incredibly well to Pilates and it has been a pleasure working with Joan on this journey to better fitness and wellness.


What Students Say about Joan's Classes

Health for Life Pilates and ChiropracticHello, my name is Pamela and 15 years ago I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. My doctor recommended massage therapy to aid in my challenges with MS. During one of my massage appointments my massage therapist suggested that I try Pilates to help strengthen my body. MS can be a debilitating disease and it requires a lot of strength to just get through an average day.
I never thought of myself as a "Pilate's type" person. Two years ago I started taking classes with Joan Buna. Once I started, I realized anyone can do it no matter what your skill level is. Overtime I have started to feel better balanced, a stronger core, and increased flexibility. In my daily routine, I find that I am more aware of how my body is moving. I believe Pilates has improved my quality of life.

~ Pamela Youell, Victoria BC

Health for Life Pilates and ChiropracticAfter 2 major surgeries within 3 months, personal training and weekly pilates classes with Joan assisted me to rehabilitate wasted muscles and gain strength and flexibility in a short period of time. Left to my own devices, my recovery would have been much longer and it wouldn't have been half as much fun. Now I am continuing to reap the benefits as pain is reduced, stress is managed and my degree of fitness increases beyond pre-surgery levels. Joan's coaching has given me a new body awareness that is helping me to minimize bone loss (I'm over 50), avoid injury and improve posture. Joan's unique combination of meditative focus, stretching and strength exercise really works well for body, mind and spirit!

~ Catherine Mustafa, Victoria BC

Health for Life Pilates and ChiropracticFor the past two years I have been attending Joan Buna's strength training/back care classes. Joan was recommended to me by my doctor. It has been a tremendous help to me to strengthen my body core and to learn how to breathe properly. It has helped me a great deal in my walking/hiking group. I want to be active as long as I possibly can, and Joan's expertise is helping me to do that.

~Marilyn Peel. Victoria BC

Health for Life Pilates and ChiropracticA year and a half ago I began a project to lose weight, gain health and increase my lung capacity. I have a condition called Restrictive Lung (which means the body has to work harder) and was functioning at a 60% loss of lung function.
At the same time I began coming to the weight room at Commonwealth and used the simple machines; treadmill, bikes and rowing machines. These, along with walking outdoors, I started my own cardio program but I didn't have a clue what to do next. I watched what other people did and eventually went to a few drop-in classes. After awhile I felt I needed to challenge myself a little more and required more direction, so last fall I registered in Joan Buna's class "7 Weeks to a Healthier Life." During that class, Joan introduced me to interval training, weight machines, and assisted in building a strength training program. Throughout this process, Joan emphasized the need to breathe effectively. She also provided me with tools to understand how effective breathing feels. Once I began to apply my new knowledge with exercise, I began to notice things happening. My focus changed from the physical movement to what I was feeling internally during my workout.
It seemed like the natural movement for me was to include Joan's Pilate's Blend class into my workout routine and that's where I'm at now.
Last month I went to my annual pulmonary function test. For the first time I've has a lung function increase of 14%. That's huge!! That makes everything worthwhile. Thanks Joan, for providing me with the tools and techniques that have assisted me to my current state of excellent health.

~ Debby Montgomenry, Victoria BC


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