Info from Joan Buna about my body has changed my life

“A tight muscle is a weak muscle” … a revelation from Joan Buna that has changed my life.

I first read these words in a newsletter article by Joan Buna.

At that juncture in my life I was unable to work and performing even the most menial household tasks was difficult. Attempts at other forms of treatment had provided little relief from the constant pain and discomfort.

Hopeful after reading Joan`s article, I contacted her and we began working together on what was for me an entirely new approach to recovery.

That was two years ago and today, I can honestly say that Joan has changed my life through a progressive system of supervised stretching and strengthening exercise designed to prevent re-injury.

Joan`s caring and encouraging manner gives me the confidence and desire to improve and celebrate each success. Since working with Joan I am happy to say I feel amazing, healthier and happier. I can clean my house, I can walk for 40 minutes at a time and I can even do some gardening.

My quality of life is now much better without chronic pain thanks to Joan Buna.

Sincerely, Lindsey B

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