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Working with Joan Buna, Pilates personal trainerClient Feedback

I started to go to Joan Buna, at Health 4 Life Pilates and Chiropractic, June 2013 after having abdominal surgery for colon cancer in June 2012.  I had been swimming and doing aerobics for exercise but wanted something more controlled to strengthen my core.

Joan has been extremely professional and is very knowledgeable.  Joan continues to go to workshops to increase her vast knowledge about Pilates and how the human body works.  In four years she has not repeated the same exercise and always comes up with a new way to get the correct muscle doing its job.  I did yoga somewhere else for a year and a half and it was the same class every time.  Joan has corrected  my posture as well as helping with pain in my shoulders.  I do a lot of walking and we are working on improving my foot placement.  Joan has helped me find muscles that I didn't even know I have!

My massage therapist has certainly noticed how different my legs and arms are since doing Pilates twice a week and seeing Joan for a private session once a week.

I also see Joan's husband, Michael Buna, as he is the chiropractor in the same location. They make a perfect combination for an optimum improvement, enabling me to have as much of a pain free body as possible.



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Pilates helps to manage bursitis

Movement returns with regular Pilates exercise

Diane was experiencing pain from bursitis in the hip and was unable to do normal activities such as vacuuming, walking or riding in the car without experiencing discomfort and pain. Seeking support and rehabilitation from several sports medicine and movement specialists, Diane felt discouraged from the lack in information or improvement in her health condition. diane leamy72

Diane and a friend had tried several Pilates classes around Victoria before they came to Pilate’s classes with Joan in March of 2012. Both Diane and her friend left their first class feeling very satisfied — they had learned so much in this one class as compared to the other classes they had tried! By attending weekly Pilates classes and private sessions with Joan, Diane started seeing and feeling improvements in her mobility and decreased pain.  With gradual improvement, Diane was enjoying daily activities and “is good to vacuum.”  Diane is now able to walk approximately 5km and can sit in the car for extended periods of time without the discomfort or pain associated with her bursitis.

Diane continues to attend weekly Pilates classes and private sessions with Joan. She is very grateful for the vast improvement and knowledge she has gained from Joan.

Thanks Joan and Mike

I have nothing but good things to say about [Joan and Mike], and their clinic. I came to them in a very rough place about a year ago -- coming off almost five years of chronic pain and impinged movement, in addition to the exhaustion and weariness that comes with them. I was 20 years old at the time, and was resigned to having lost the freedom that should have come with that youth.

erikThese wonderful people have changed that. It wasn’t easy, and it wasn’t instantaneous, but with [Joan and Mike’s] care and efforts, I’ve regained so much of my lost function and freedoms. The dread of leaving my bed for the pain of the day, adamantly denying myself trying anything new for fear of making myself worse, those days have been laid to rest. I can’t thank [Joan and Mike] enough.

While I have seen success from their considerable powers of assessment and treatment, their care is in more than just their clinical prowess. When you walk into their clinic you feel welcome. Health 4 Life has become a place of great comfort to me, even as I’m straining doing some of [Joan’s] prescribed exercises or marveling at the great cracks and snaps my body is capable of making during [Mike’s] chiropractic treatment, I feel safe and cared for.

So cheers, [Joan], [Mike], for bringing such amazing positive change into my life and for giving me back control of my body and of my pain.

I can’t thank you enough.

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Pilates has taught me...

"Pilates has taught me how to be more aware of my breathing.  Specifically, I have learned the difference between shallow breathing and deep breathing.

When I choose to go deeper with my breathing on the exertion  I find I can get more from the movement, the stretch or the exercise I am doing.  Not only do I get more range of motion with deep breathing...it just feels better.  I used to get stitches when I started running...little did I know then this could have been alleviated by breathing more deeply in the early stages of my training."


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