Has summer always been this busy?

Vacations and visitors, sunshine and sandy beaches, stargazing and sleepy mornings. It can be difficult to fit in fitness.

We've got a solution for you - pick up one of our 5 or 10 class punch cards!
Punch Cards are valid for any classes between July 16 and September 8, 2016.pilates class punch card

What's even better, is that these classes have been designed to deepen your awareness to the specific imbalances of your body.  Because we are active in different ways through the summer, we risk developing joint, spine and muscle stiffness. Remember "A tight muscle is a weak muscle"

In these summer classes, you will be able take time to move your body in a mindful manner. which will help you to stay comfortable, flexible and injury-free.

Call us or drop in to pick up your punch card today!

Joan Buna, pilates trainer, Victoria BCPersonal Pilates Training With Joan Buna

Joan offers Private 1 hour Pilates Training sessions:

  • 1 session - $55 + tax
  • 4 Pack of sessions - 170 +tax


For ICBC or Rehabilitation Pilates Training Sessions

1 session - $70 + tax

Joan Buna, Pilates Trainer, Health for Life Pilates and ChiropracticContact us to book a personal training session with Joan, at 250-384-2412



Joan's time is reserved for you and you alone. Her committment is to helping you bring about better health, flexibility and movement patterns. If you are unable to attend a training session for health reasons please inform her as soon as possible in advance.

Health4Life Pilates reserves the right to charge for missed personal training sessions when sesson are cancelled without sufficient notice.


Missed Classes

Makeup any missed class by attending another similar intensity of class during the same class term. Check that space is available.

Please contact Joan to arrange to attend alternate sessions as needed.


Pilates Studio Hours

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