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"Dr. Buna - how can I heal my injury faster?

As a chiropractor, I tell everyone that healing takes time. Unlike the many things ‘instant’ in our culture now, achieving spinal health and recovering from injury is a process that doesn't happen  after instantly. But that doesn't stop people from wanting to heal and feel better as fast as possible.

"Healing takes time  and effort"

Which is why I am not surprised when a person enters my office with high hopes of “fast-acting relief.” It’s been my experience that what people really want is "fast pain relief."

"How long will this take to heal? they ask...Understandably, the question “How long will it take?” is top of mind with a person in pain. "My advice is that your recovery will depend on five things" states Dr. Michael Buna.


1. Your Lifestyle and DisciplineHealthy lifestyle options. Are you willing to adopt any?

You need to ask yourself a few questions and reflect on these ideas before I can answer your questions about your recovery speed.

  1. Are you still participating in the habits that created the problem in the first place?
  2. Are you feeling stressed about things beyond your control?
  3. Are you exercising? Too little? Too much? Could you be injuring yourself on a daily basis?
  4. At work, are you sitting at the computer for hours with poor posture?
  5. At home, are you on the couch vegging for hours?
  6. Are you regularly eating healthy food or junky food?

These factors will contribute significantly to how quickly you recover to a normal, pain-free movement life.

Are you coachable? Are you disciplined?

How coachable are you? Hmmmm. Are you able to follow recommended changes to your lifestyle? That's a tough questions to answer, unless you have already tried. Will you do the followup exercises that we prescribe to the best of your ability? In my role as a healthcare professional, these are the toughest questions that patients need to answer. Dr Buna the chiropractor can treat your pain and injury. It is then your job to complete the followup care. Remember that YOU are the doctor because YOUR body does the healing. Dr. Buna cannot do the healing - I can help facilitate the healing process!

2. Your health and extent of your injury

Chiropractic care takes time to help your tissues heal, according to Dr BunaThis will depend on your overall health. If your body is functioning well and this is your only injury, it is likely to heal fairly quickly. On the other hand, if you have many injuries, it makes sense that recovery will be slower because your body is working on many different areas of healing.


3. Your Goals

How many steps will you take to improve your health?

How far or how many ‘steps’ you take in your health is up to you!

"In my 30 years working with patients of all ages and walks of life, I have learned that chiropractic care means different things to different people."

says Dr. Buna, in a philosophical mood. He elaborates  -

"We divide treatment into healing from injuries and maintaining health."

For someone with an injury who wants to feel better in as little time as possible then it’s often possible to achieve that goal in a short amount of time, with targeted treatments. There is a risk that if you stop your care as soon as you “feel better” then you probably would not have finished healing. These partially healed tissues may begin to hurt again and, because they are not yet stable, you could end up reinjuring the same area.

We do emphasize the importance of maintaining your health for your entire lifetime. As part of your overall health care, we recommend regular spinal checkups to maintain your spinal health and to prevent serious injuries.

4. Your Age

Generally speaking, a person’s ability to heal completely from injuries slowly decreases as we age. That is, as you get older, it takes longer to heal. I know, that's a big old OUCH! It is true though that the average person's capacity to heal also decreases  if you neglect your health and fitness. Children and younger adults typically experience the fastest healing. The more fit that you are, the faster and more efficient your healing will be.

5. Your Attitude

One of the founding principles of chiropractic and its philosophy of health is Principle #33 - The Principle of Time which states:

Every process, even chiropractic care, needs time to be beneficialThere is no process which does not require Time

As a chiropractor, I remind my patients it is important to remember that the mind and body are connected and that negative thoughts can affect people physically as symptoms.

On the other hand, people that take a positive outlook on their care typically get better results. A positive attitude will also mean you are more likely to make lifestyle changes to get the most out of your care too.


What does this means to you as you heal from an injury?

It means that you are in charge of the speed of your recovery.

We can work together as a team - I as the chiropractor and you as the person in charge of the body. To get the most benefit from the chiropractic treatments, you will need to follow the treatment plan and consider making lifestyle changes that could speed your recovery.

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