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Dr. Michael Buna, chiropractic practioner shares his knowledge and experience to help understand the connection between your muscles, movement and chronic pain. 

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    Read about Dr. Michael Buna and hear why his patients consider his chiropractic care to be essential to healing injuries and an important component of their regular health care.

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    I'm passionate about living life to its fullest. As a chiropractor, I know that maintaining spinal health is an important component. Keeping a healthy body involves other factors as well, such as diet, exercise, mental fitness and emotional health. I write these articles to help supplement the chiropractic care that I provide.

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  • Frozen Shoulder (3)

    Frozen shoulder is a musculoskeletal condition that i have specialized training in and can treat effectively and efficiently. These articles will assist people suffering with Frozen shoulder to understand the injury and how to best support their own healing.


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    Reviews of Dr. Buna's services

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    As I lifelong learner, I realize that people learn in different ways. I hope these health and fitness videos are a useful addition to the articles. If you prefer to read, the transcript of the videos are available on a link.

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