About Joan Buna

About Joan

Written by Joan Buna.

Joan pilatesMy Journey into Pilates

While working for a busy Orthodontist in my 20’s, I met a tall thin girl named Brenda. She encouraged me to go to aerobics with her. Prior to starting the aerobics, I had a lack of energy, gastrointestinal issues, always sick and I felt slightly overweight. Brenda and I would go to aerobics almost every day after work. We attended regularly and after 6 months we had increased energy levels and a decrease in stress. I continued to do the aerobics regularly until I got married and had children.


I realized that I could likely teach the aerobics classes just as well, so I took the courses necessary to start teaching basic aerobics. I went on to teach step aerobics, then personal training and weight training but I never felt that I had the “whole picture” until I started taking Pilates and Yoga classes. This was a huge eye opener for me. These classes taught me to strengthen my core, relax, de-stress through breathing, all the while increasing my strength and flexibility.
Educated and trained in Pilates/Yoga I now own my own studio. When I started I had 1 class of 5, now I run 12 classes of 10 - 14 people, along with Private sessions up to 20 hours a week. 
I offer classes for Osteoporosis, Basic Pilates, Advanced Pilates, and Private 1 on 1 sessions. I have had the opportunity to train a female Canadian rower that went to the Beijing Olympics. Pilates kept her injury free, improved her rowing stroke and put her on the podium winning a Bronze medal in the Women’s Light Weight Pairs.
I learn more each time I teach a class, whether it is a beginner class or Olympic athlete.  I have seen my clients make great advances in their fitness, increased range of motion, decreased pain, and flexibility/stronger abdominal muscles and enjoyment in life. I have learned that fitness and life are a journey not a destination. Join the journey!!
  ~ Joan